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Once your membership is confirmed, we will email a nomination petition.  If you know of any York Manor Swim Club members who do not receive our emails that may be interested in running for the Board, please direct them to the website to apply online.  All memberships will be verified before names are placed on the ballot. Should you choose to run for election, I will contact you to set an appointment to have your picture taken for our ballot.  Your picture is not required for your name to be placed on the ballot.

Elections will take place in August.  Ballots will be available at the pool, one per membership.  We will let you know when ballots are available.

Your support and talents are greatly needed and appreciated.  With your help, York Manor Swim Club will remain and treasured community asset, which will be enjoyed for generations to come.

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This form is no longer available.  Completed petitions were due back by July 25th.