Membership Applications are submitted online following the schedule below:


  • Resident – Any resident of the York Manor Community (Addresses can be confirmed on the website)
  • Associate – Anyone that lives anywhere but the York Manor Community


  • February 15thPost cards are mailed to all  Resident addresses in the York Manor Community with information on how to apply.  This will allow any Resident that was not a member the year before, to apply during the Resident Application Process.  For all Residents that were members the previous year, they will receive an email with instructions to submit their application.
  • March 15thAn email is sent to all Associate Members that were members the previous year with instructions to submit their application.
  • Applications submitted by April 15th are automatically given an Early Bird Discount
  • April 15thPeople on the waitlist will receive information to apply based on when they submitted their information to our waitlist.  The people on the waitlist will be given a few days to submit their application before we move on to the next group in the waitlist.  This process will continue until we are full.  All new applications are subject to a $150 New Application Fee (Since New Members are not allowed to apply prior to April 15th, New Members are NOT eligible for the Early Bird Discount)

If you were a member the previous year and did not receive communication via the schedule listed above, please do the following:

  • Check your SPAM folder for the email communication
  • Check with other family members to see if the communication was sent to them (we send the email to the email address on the membership)
  • If you still don’t see the email, contact the Membership Committee at